Saturday, July 01, 2006

mga TOURISTS tlga!!!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Its Friday today. Again, new nonsense post!

Uhmm. We had the club activity day. VOLLEYBALL Club with Coach Danny. Nothing hot happened this week just my everyday routine. We had the training last Teusday and Wednesday. This morning we knew the new varsities in our team, then next week they will start joining us in our trainings. Uhm. I changed my music coz TOLITZ DENDEN told me that the adlib of the song sucks haha!! Denden is my friend from Don Bosco Mandaluyong. Oh well got nothing to say. ***Brain Empty***

Saturday, June 24, 2006
Wla lng. Biggest CRAB i've ever seen.
Taken in Singapore.
Sentosa. Underwater World.

Today is Saturday.
Yesterday i went to PCS. I love them. I miss them.

Thursday, June 15, 2006
OMFG! New post again after some super tiring days.

Monday: NO CLASSES!! We went to Cavite to attend a birthday/baptismal celebration of the son of Tita Arcelli then went home and do nothing.

Teusday: VOLLEYBALL VARSITY TRYOUTS. Woah!! Feeling sweaty again.. loving it! !st.. stretching.. then jogging, whole court 5 laps (buti nlng 5 lng kc pag training nmn 15 laps e!) So we did serving, dig pass, TOSSING!! (w8 for wed. ill tell you) and everything!! I MISS DOIN' THOSE THINGS tlga.. :D Seems tiring but it was really COOL.

Wednesday: This is the day this is the day that the Lord has made that the Lord has made we will rejoice we will rejoice... la la la la la Yuck i sang a holy song.. Eiw. So now, 2nd day of tryout. When I'm playing with Trixie, coach called me and said that i need to start train my tossing coz guess what!! I'M A TOSSER!! Woohoo!! Rachel Velasquez, our original tosser taught me the exercise for tosser there's like sit-ups with toss, there's like butterfly with toss, i don't know watcha call it but its like that. We had a volleyball game and we are all varsities in the team but in the other team COACH is included!! So unfair but we didn't lose hope hahah!! Actually there's this one serve did by coach and it must be line ball but my team told me "out na yan!" but i'm near the ball and i know that it's not out so i catched it then passed to rachel, our tosser, and yey we got a point bwahaha they wasn't able to return to us the ball so its our point.. Wala lng juz happy for training being a tosser. 'Dati kasi wla akong pwesto sa volleyball. Bench warmer pa nga e!' Haha!! But now i'm sure :))!! when its going home time, coach told me that i will start my formal training for being a tosser for the 3rd day of tryout so i feel excited again on the next TUESDAY..

Thursday: School Works. FUN. Its today. We have assignments and geom quiz tom so gotta study now. Maybe i'll post again tom. Bye bye.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday, June 09, 2006

Mirror effects and shining objects are cool.
From school. Being VAIN again.

ngaun lng toh ang dilim nahh!!
gulo ng hair..
miss yah lots. i love you.

Today is Friday! Thank GOD! Today also is my BIG BRO's happy birthday. When i woke up in the morning i greeted him FIRST!! So i took a bath, prepare myself etc. then waited for my schoolbus. When i arrived i went instantly at the gym to get my things in my locker. I was in a hurry coz i might be late. We had the 1st friday mass too. The priest was so good and i enjoyed his homily. After that, homeroom was fun too coz renren, the gurl seated in front of me had a violation (late of submitting the reply slip) haha so she needs to pay 5 pesos for our class funds. Morning subjects was fun too. During lunch renren again had a violation for bringing colored drinks inside the classroom which is also prohibited haha and need to pay 5 pesos again.. And then when our president Edizza(kakosa) told her that she needs to pay 5 pesos she shouted "5 pesos ulit?!?!" Haha guess what she committed another violation that is SHOUTING haha!! So she need to pay 15 pesos now for the 3 violations haha!! Glad that im so obedient to the rules. That's me!! Haha!!

Oh well during dismissal was the very happy thing this day because Rachel Velasquez, also a member of our CSR VOLLEYBALL TEAM last school year. Wrote on the board, "CSR VOLLEYBALL VARSITY TRYOUTS ON TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY at 4:30 - 7:30 DONT FORGET PE UNIFORM. We, varsity team last SC doesn't need to tryout again on tuesday, we just need to be present there and guide the trainees. Of course us too will be wearing our PE to see if our volleyball skills are still with us haha!! Wtvr. So that was fun. And another happy thing is that we do not have classes on monday coz its June 12 (independence day). Yeehaa!!


bday ni kuya ngaun haha!

17th bday ni kuya.
Ate che, manvil, kuya che, ako.. :)
Taken: Mga 10 mins ago.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pic ko knna galing skul.

Ok new post again. Sorry just busy coz it was opening of classes last monday.

Monday: Whew! First day of classes. I'm in III- St. Monica. Adviser: Mrs. Cruz. Old friend classmates: Rae (text gurl), Eidsa (ediboobs), Ren (mommy), Patsab (pabo), Edizza (kakosa) etc. Uhm explanation of the HANDBOOK.. so BORING.. There's also election of officers.. Ok it's a tough day. Giving of requirements. A lot of things to buy so after classes Ella and Me went to the mall (national book store) to buy our things and then our moms will just follow us there to pay all the things we got. Tired.

Teusday: Hala! More requirements came to our life. Ok. Choosing of club. I chose VOLLEYBALL club as always. Wanna improve my tossing skills (wla lng). I'm a tosser (hope so) of i will be a versity again(not sure) this year. But i think rachel velasquez will be our tosser. Whatever. Boring.

Wednesday: Meeting of all SUBJECT teachers. Fun. Asteeg. Xaia. At night: stat: ONLINE.. ENZO LIMPO helped me in my assignment in History. Ang baet nea!! Wla ln.. Enzo is my friend from Don Bosco Mandaluyong.. I finished my very hard assignment in just less than an hour. Thanks to him tlga. The deadline is on tuesday but i've done it already. Good job!

Thursday: Today. Routine again. The same thing. 1st lecture of TRIGONOMETRY seemed EASY today. I hope it will still be until the end of classes. We have hw in CHEM, COMP, TRIGO, GEOM. Homework accomplished since in school: TRIGO and GEOM. Homework that i still need to do: CHEM and COMP.. It's juz easy i can finish it less than an hour too haha. Shucks.!

That would be my update for now. Take care ya all. Love you lotzz!!